Tipotie Health Centre

Selection 2016


Located in the Tampere district of Pispala, this project exemplifies a new emphasis on appealing, adaptable design in the architecture of health care facilities. Like its neighbours, the large building nestles comfortably against the steep slope. The main entrance is at street level on the fifth floor, while the second floor is accessible directly from the parking area. The backbone of the comb-like floor plan is formed by foyers that are vertically connected through an open stairwell. The undulating copper-clad façades and rounded roof are the most distinctive features of the exterior, with silk-screened glass façades providing gorgeous views of the lake below. The view can also be enjoyed from the terrace of the restaurant located on the fifth floor. Each wing has its own signature colour, aiding orientation. The architecture delights visitors and provides an inspirational work environment for the personnel.

Sponsor of the Finnish Architecture. Biennial review 2016 and collaborator in the construction of this project: