Serlachius Museum Gösta’s Pavilion

Selection 2016


‘Gösta’s Pavilion’ is a new museum annex commissioned by the Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation. The pavilion provides a foil to the monumental 1930s brick manor occupying the site. The use of wood is contemporary while honouring the legacy of Gösta Serlachius, who built his fortune in forestry. Larger but lower than the old manor, the pavilion is partly hidden behind trees, its tilting roof adding a structural accent. It contains entrance facilities, galleries for temporary exhibitions, restaurant, offices and technical facilities. Orientation is simple in the sunny corridor, which provides rich views enlivening the visitor’s journey through the gallery spaces. The glulam mullions developed especially for this project form an orderly rhythm that ties together the design. Stripped of detail, the mullions and vertical boarding are contrasted by the slanted roof and the diagonal ‘gashes’ of the windows and gables. The Pavilion demonstrates that contemporary architecture can be fluidly integrated into a heritage site, adding a new layer to its history.


Gross Area: 5700m2