Renovation of the Aalto University Undergraduate Centre

Selection 2016


The former main building of the Helsinki University of Technology took on a new role when three universities were merged as Aalto University. Renovating such a prestigious landmark was a challenge. The goal of the project was to bring the building up to modern-day standards with barrier-free access and flexible educational spaces, which was difficult without altering the original concept. The building needed new HVAC systems and safety exits for which no space was allocated in the original plan. The architects have done exemplary work in finding a tailored solution. The façades, spatial logic and detailing were fully preserved, with the entrance hall, auditorium and main corridors superbly restored to their former glory. The workroom wings underwent heavier modifications. The architects preserved the most valuable features of the architecture in a logical hierarchy. They did excellent work in reconciling artistic aspirations and the needs of various user groups in this ambitious renovation project.

Sponsor of the Finnish Architecture. Biennial review 2016 and collaborator in the construction of this project:




Gross Area: 40975m2