Renovation and Extension of Kuopio City Theatre

Selection 2016


Located on the edge of the town centre, the original theatre building is a clean rectangular volume with the stage tower rising above it as a landmark. The bold new extension unfolds behind the old building, providing an intriguing contrast to the 1960s architecture. Sharp-eyed observers will notice something different about the stage tower: it has been raised. The annex itself is invisible when the building is approached from the town centre. This ingenious solution allows visitors to admire the restored architecture before the extension reveals itself. The carefully selected materials match the original interior scheme, with every detail fusing together in harmony. Functionally, too, the annex is perfectly integrated with the old theatre. The industrial steel beams are a brilliant solution tying together the old and new sections. The wrinkled three-dimensional white concrete panels add ‘wow’ factor to the simple, rectangular extension.

Sponsor of the Finnish Architecture. Biennial review 2016 and collaborator in the construction of this project:



Gross Area: 11492m2