Malta Collective Owner-Builder Housing

Selection 2016


Malta is a co-housing project commissioned by its residents. The architect has done a fine job at reconciling the various needs of the residents, their ambitious philosophy of shared living, and a strict budget. All 61 flats were co-designed with the residents catering to their specific wishes. The exterior resembles a giant game of Tetris. The front façade is a regular grid punctuated by a vertical stripe of red and a cluster of balconies, while the projecting elements in the yard push out boldly from the main volume. The red highlights on the north-east façade accentuate the Tetris effect. The building’s collective identity is underlined in the co-funded communal kitchen, living room, sauna, relaxation area with fireplace, recreational facilities and the rooftop greenhouse. The flexibly designed interiors allow residents to adapt the space to serve changing needs.


Gross Area: 6900m2