Principal selection

Arctia Shipping Headquarters
K2S Architects Ltd
When a piece of architecture becomes a new symbol for a business and, on top of that, is innovative and playful in its own right, this surely amounts to an achievement of great architectural merit. Ar ...
Gross Area: 1250m2
Completion: 2013
Church of Shadows
Vesa Honkonen Architects
The dark, rectangular volume piques our curiosity with unusual details on the exterior: a forest of columns, a sinuous wing-like canopy that shelters a uniquely shaped door, and a belfry topped by a g ...
Gross Area: 610m2
Completion: 2012
House of Culture Renovation
Architects NRT
Alvar Aalto’s sculptural landmark from 1958 still serves its original function. The concert hall and intermediate section continue to provide a versatile venue for cultural events, conferences and l ...
Gross Area: 10600m2
Completion: 2013
Kaanaankatu Housing
Huttunen–Lipasti–Pakkanen Architects
The U-shaped volume creates a cleanly articulated block and urban space. The fenestration is simple and unpretentious, yet rhythmically engaging enough to avoid monotony. In the courtyard, the use of ...
Gross Area: 5000+9785m2
Completion: 2012
Kaisa House
Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd
Kaisa House is trendy, which in this case means a genuine interpretation of the zeitgeist rather than shallow allegiance to a passing fad or superficial trimmings. The architecture is novel, yet timel ...
Gross Area: 30,200m2
Competition: 2008
Completion: 2012
Vapaavuori Architects
The defunct machine workshop of the Finnish Railway Company has been reincarnated as a culture and congress centre, providing a dramatic backdrop for events and entertainment productions. The massive ...
Gross Area: 27000m2
Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects
The museum is a bold, simple box clad with silkscreen-printed glass panels and perforated copper panels. In the interior, the boxiness gives way to a cave-like feeling, the double curved bearing walls ...
Gross Area: 18300m2
Competition: 2005
Completion: 2013
Saunalahti School
Verstas Architects Ltd
Finnish schoolchildren achieve brilliant results in international comparisons of academic performance, but our results in surveys comparing their happiness at school have been less flattering. Saunala ...
Gross Area: 10546m2
Competition: 2007
Completion: 2012
Seinäjoki City Library
JKMM Architects
The new library adds contemporary 2000s touches to the administrative and cultural centre designed by Alvar Aalto, yet without competing with Aalto’s architecture. The simple yet majestic volume see ...
Gross Area: 4,430m2
Competition: 2008
Completion: 2012
Villa Bruun
Hakli Architects
The all-timber house has a very strong sense of material. The polished detailing and nuanced use of wood form a highly attractive tapestry of varied surfaces. Both the design and execution are a testa ...
Gross Area: 130m2
Completion: 2012

Honorary mentions

Aalto Inn
Tuomo Siitonen Architects
The streamlined building forms part of a great Finnish tradition whilst embracing a contemporary idiom. The thinly plastered white walls match the textured exterior of the neighbouring Otahalli sports ...
Gross Area: 4082m2
Cafe Mattolaituri
Helin & Co Architects
This project is an excellent example of how important it is to understand and capture a strong spirit of place in architecture. It forms an organic part of its environment, marking its place with a fe ...
Gross Area: 29,5m2
Kamppi Chapel
K2S Architects Ltd
A sculptural, curved box catches your eye in a welcoming way with its warm-toned weatherboarding. The calmness and sacral feeling of the wooden interior embraces the visitors and transports them miles ...
Gross Area: 352m2
Completion: 2012
M-M House
Tuomas Siitonen Office
The client wished to build an up-to-date family house sharing a plot with an older home occupied by the older generation. With its untreated wooden façade turning grey naturally, the house can be rea ...
Gross Area: 170m2
Completion: 2013
Niemenranta School
Alt Architects, Architecture Office Karsikas
The architecture is a combination of local tradition and contemporary accents. The building pays tribute to the regionalist Oulu school of architecture, but the references are reinterpreted in a relax ...
Gross Area: 3670m2
Completion: 2012
Sauna Kotiranta
Lehtinen Miettunen Architects
Sauna Kotiranta looks fresh and different, yet all the time-honoured elements of a traditional sauna are in their proper place. The black wooden façade accented by neatly piled firewood communicates ...
Gross Area: 30m2
Silo 468
Lighting Design Collective
The silo wall is perforated with 2,012 holes as a reference to Helsinki's year as World Design Capital. The LED light points are programmed by using data such as wind speed and wind direction. Beautif ...
Gross Area: 960m2
Competition: 2011
Completion: 2012
Three Infill Apartments
Roomy Ltd
This elegant white infill complex is carefully integrated with the site and along the flanking streets. The flats feel spacious thanks to their generous floor-to-floor heights. The project not only of ...
Gross Area: 460m2
Completion: 2012
Wuxi Grand Theatre
The grand architectural sweep is pragmatically motivated, being based on the functional layout of the Grand Theatre. The nature-inspired form of the building reflects a subtle approach. With this proj ...
Gross Area: 78000m2
Competition: 2008
Completion: 2012
Youth Homes
Jukka Turtiainen Architects Ltd
The exterior comes together in broadly sketched lines, achieving a crisp, clean effect that is heightened by stark contrasts in the sweeping surfaces. The flats are designed for good functionality, an ...
Gross Area: 5500m2
Competition: 2010
Completion: 2013