Tuomas Siitonen Office

About Agency

We design spaces, places and buildings to inspire and excite. The activity going on inside is what inspires our designs – supporting that activity is what our architecture is all about. We believe that you can create a sense of architectural purpose through purely strategic devices, by subtly hinting at how a space can be used. Other times, you need a solution that is more concrete and physical.

We experiment with new design methods, interactive processes and new approaches – we believe that the most inspiring results are achieved in inspirational teamwork contexts.

Tuomas Siitonen Office
Founded in 2010, based in Helsinki
Registered owner: Tuomas Siitonen

M-M House
Tuomas Siitonen Office
The client wished to build an up-to-date family house sharing a plot with an older home occupied by the older generation. With its untreated wooden façade turning grey naturally, the house can be rea ...
Gross Area: 170m2
Completion: 2013