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Architect Group Reino Koivula has nearly 70 years’ experience in hospital design, with a portfolio ranging from major renovation projects to new central hospitals. In the challenging work of designing health care facilities, the Group sees the architect’s role as that of an arbitrator who negotiates between different teams and user groups, functionally reconciling contradictory requirements. For some, a hospital is a daily work environment, while for others it is the scene of a turning point. Sensitivity is required to empathically relate to the needs of both personnel and patients. Many of their recent projects have been collaborations, which they regard as a natural way to pool specialized expertise for an optimal result.

SARC’s history dates back to when Jan Söderlund founded his eponymous architectural practice in 1965. The office has gone by the name of SARC since 1998. As winners of dozens of architectural competitions both in Finland and abroad, SARC has extensive experience in a variety of different fields of architectural design. They have tackled a large number of functionally challenging buildings and renovations covering everything from offices, commercial buildings and housing to hospitals, universities and museums. Their special expertise lies in complex repurposing projects, renovation of heritage sites and investment property development. SARC also provides services in work environment and interior design.

Renovation of Meilahti Tower Hospital
SARC Architects and Architect Group Reino Koivula
Built in 1965, Meilahti Tower Hospital is a heritage site and iconic landmark. It is the first high-rise tower hospital and one of the first curtain wall structures in Finland. The wards were fully mo ...
Gross Area: 35620m2